Transparency Reporting



Information below reflects the budget and salary compensation of Morley Stanwood Community Schools as required by the Michigan Transparency Reporting.  Link to MDE Guidelines.

 Board Approved Budgets

 Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures

Bargaining Agreements

Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans

Audited Financial Statements

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Employee Compensation Information  

District Paid Association Dues

District Paid Lobbying Costs

  • There were no District paid lobbying costs for 2020-2021

District Approved Deficit Elimination Plan

  • The District has not incurred a deficit.

District Credit Card Information

District Paid Out-of-State Travel Information

  • There was no out-of-state travel to report in 2019-2020

Required Policies

Educator Evaluation SYstems Postings and Assurances

    5D Teacher Evaluation Postings and Assurances

Michigan Dept of Environmental Quality Water Testing Results



Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan


Extended COVID-19 Mid Year Learning Plan 1.15.21
Extended  COVID-19 Learning Plan - Goal Reporting  

Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan - Goal Reporting EOY