Superintendent Letter 10.17.21 Busing

To:       Morley Stanwood Community Schools

Fm:      Roger Cole, Superintendent

Dt:       October 17, 2021

Re:       Bus Schedule Changes          

Good day,

Over the past couple of days, a number of our bus drivers have tested positive for COVID 19.  Therefore, for the next week plus we are not going to be able to run all of our bus routes at their regular scheduled time.  That being said, we are determined to continue to operate school in person for as long as we can. In order to do that, we are all going to have to work together, be patient and make some adjustments.

Bus 3, 5 and 15 will be running between 30 and 60 minutes late Monday and Tuesday morning picking up students.  #3 is Ron, #5 is Wayne, #15 is Ken

Bus 3 and 15 will be running between 30 and 60 minutes late Monday and Tuesday afternoon dropping students off.  #3 is Ron, #15 is Ken

Bus 4 has been combined like last week onto buses 2 and 8. Those two buses will be running 10 to 15 minutes off schedule just like last week.


We have combined some routes and have adjusted others to make the best of this situation.  Some routes will be delayed both in the morning and in the evening.  At this point, Sunday afternoon, we have figured out how the next two days are going to work; Monday and Tuesday.

I need you all to understand that when we combine routes, and/or assign a new route to a bus driver, things can go awry.  To start with, we know the times are going to be off.  Attempting to give an approximate pick up or drop off time is very difficult under these circumstances.  Also, try as we might, sometimes we miss a student.  It is going to be very important to have you and your student waiting for the bus so when the driver comes down the road they will know for sure where to stop.  Yes, the wait could be a bit longer than either of us would like.

Here’s how this is going to work: We will run as many busses as we can at the regular times in the morning and evening.  Several of them will drop kids at the school as soon as they get in.  Then they will turn around and head right back out and pick up another load of students. 

Taking students home and dropping them off after school is going to be similar.  We will run as many routes as we can and then pick up a second load of students and head back out. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding,

Roger Cole, Superintendent

Change in Calendar PD Day Rescheduled
2021 Holiday Bazaar Cancelled

The Holiday Bazaar scheduled for November 6, 2021, has been canceled.  The Bazaar Committee will be in contact with information for vendors.

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