Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessments

Vision, Mission, and Beliefs

Vision Statement     
Educating the students of today to be the successful and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Mission Statement      
The District, with the support from the Community, will provide the foundation for students to become life-long learners and productive members in a 21st Century society.

Developing responsible citizens with
Moral character and integrity
Academic achievement
Lifelong learning and leadership
Life skills development
Community service
Critical and creative thinking

In an environment that
Is safe and nurturing; physically, mentally, and emotionally
Embraces diversity by respecting differences




renewed: 4.2013



Elementary School

English/Language Arts -- Bookworms

Mathematics -- Everyday Mathematics

Social Studies -- Under Construction

Science -- Mystery Science

Middle School

English/Language Arts -- Into Literature\

Mathematics -- Glencoe Math

Social Studies -- Under Construction

Science  -- Under Construction

High School

English/Language Arts -- Into Literature

Mathematics -- Glencoe Math

Social Studies -- Under Construction

Science -- Savvas

2022-2023 Learning Loss Plan

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James Nelson
Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assesement

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