Board of Education

The School District with the support of the Community, will provide a safe learning environment and offer a foundation for students to become life long learners and productive members in society.

Goals of MSCS School Board

Curriculum Alignment

Curriculum alignment and development will continue across the grade levels with all teaching and administrative staff contributing their individual and collective expertise. Grade level and subject area meetings, professional training, encouragement of technology integration, annual review and adoption of scheduled textbooks and thoughtful selection of curricular resources will all contribute to the success of this goal.

Technology & Learning

Technology that allows students, parents and employees to learn, communicate and work effectively will be provided and upgraded, as funds allow, in our buildings. Equipment will not be limited to only computers, but also other electronic devices which will assist: integration of curriculum, evaluating and reporting progress of students, communication with the world and efficient management of our schools.

Facility Maintenance

School facilities define our community and provide a "safe haven" for all young people. Therefore, the importance of providing and consistently/periodically maintaining all school facilities is imperative. A well-rounded school program allows for learning, study and play. It requires specific areas and equipment that are conducive to individual activities for varied ages. The commitment is to regularly study district needs and research funding possibilities, in order to support our programs and facilities.

Continuous Communication

Community involvement begins when people understand what they can do to help the District's "cause." Communication provides the community with that understanding. At all levels, employees of MSCS are strongly encouraged to effectively communicate the school district's work via word-of-mouth, newspaper, TV, newsletters, web page, and at meetings, such as PTO's, family nights, athletic activities and the bi-monthly forum.

Legislature Contacts 

Representative 102nd District:      

Michele Hoitenga (R)

S-1386 House Office Bldg.

P.O. Box 30014

Lansing MI 48909

Phone 517-373-1747


Senator 33rd District:

Rick Outman (R)

201 Townsend Street

Suite #4400

Lansing MI 48933

Phone 517-373-3760



US Senators for Michigan:

Debbie Stabenow (D) 

West MI Office:

3280 E. Beltline Court NE Suite 400

Grand Rapids MI 49525

Phone: 616-975-0052


Gary Peters (D)     

West MI Office:                                                                                                                          

110 Michigan St. NW,

Suite 702                                                                                                                                                      

Grand Rapids MI 49503                                                                                                                              

Phone 616-233-9150